ModuSat SP Cooling interface unit

ModuSat® Single Plate Cooling Interface Unit

  • Provides cooling for dwellings and commercial buildings served by a communal or district system
  • Unit supplied via primary chilled water from centralised plant
  • Compact and wall mounted to fit perfectly in a utility room or kitchen cupboard
  • High grade insulation fitted as standard on internal components

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ModuSat® Single Plate Cooling (SPC) Interface Unit

Our ModuSat® SP cooling interface unit has been designed to provide cooling for dwellings served by a communal or district system.

The unit is supplied via primary chilled water, which is provided by centralised plant.

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Metering and Billing Ready

The Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations (2014) require each resident to be billed individually for the proportion of the total energy they consume from the network.

Our ModuSat® units make this easy, featuring an integrated ultrasonic meter, which is MID approved with class 2 accuracy (BS EN 1434), ready to connect to a communication network for metering and billing purposes.

In addition, our PaySmart® pre-payment technology is also integrated into each ModuSat® heat interface unit as standard, and – unlike many other pre-payment billing solutions – can easily be activated remotely at any time and requires no additional hardware or infrastructure to set up.

Smart Connected Control

A key feature, which enables ModuSat units to deliver excellent functionality and performance, is Evinox’s Smart Connected Control.

This Provides full comfort to the end user, whilst also delivering important information regarding the operation/efficiency of the system, which can be monitored, adjusted or regulated remotely over the internet.

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Technical details

ModuSat® Single Plate Cooling (SPC) Interface Unit

The Evinox ModuSat® SP cooling interface unit has been designed to provide cooling for dwellings served by a communal or district system. The unit is supplied via primary chilled water, which is provided by centralised plant.

The unit consists of a single plate heat exchanger, combined with electronic PID control using Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) for differential pressure control and flow rate regulation.

Available in a range of plate sizes and connection configurations, the SP Cooling Interface Unit is suitable for many different types of installation.


The ModuSat® SP Cooling unit is designed to operate with Evinox SmartTalk® two-way communication system for remote metering and diagnostics.


The Cooling circuit consists of a plate heat exchanger (PHE), safety relief valve, manometer, flow and return temperature sensors, Wilo PWM circulation pump and expansion vessel. The cooling circuit flow temperature is controlled by the modulation of the primary flow rate with the integrated PICV actuator.

Features & Benefits

  • Very compact design with minimum space required for installation
  • Ultrasonic heat meter MID approved and class 2 accuracy (BS EN 1434)
  • Excellent thermal efficiency achieved using the latest technology and efficient brazed stainless steel PHE’s
  • Integrated PaySmart® technology ready for prepayment billing upgrade (activated remotely at any time)
  • Billing app for use on smartphones and tablets
  • ViewSmart room controller with optional upgrade to provide ENE3 compliant Energy Display Device
  • Electronically controlled PICV for primary flow rate modulation to match demand, differential pressure control and energy shut-off
  • Each component is fully insulated including pipework and case
  • Pipework constructed from copper
  • External filling loop (Optional)
  • SmartTalk two-way communication
  • Remote monitoring, alarms, and diagnostics
  • Wilo PWM Pump – Provides compliance with EU ErP Directive 2015
  • Includes inbuilt TCP/IP technology to operate on an Ethernet network if required
  • Capable of reading an electricity meter (Option for ENE3)
  • Flushing bypass kit enables the primary side of the system to be flushed and cleaned without damage to the unit

Download the Data Sheet

ModuSat SP Cooling Data Sheet

Download the ModuSat® Heat Interface Unit Brochure for More information

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