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Taking heat interface unit efficiency to another level

Introducing ModuSat® XR & XR-ECO Twin Plate Heat Interface Units – Ideal for Modern, Energy Efficient District and Communal Heating Networks.

  • Indirect high efficiency heating and instantaneous Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
  • Units to suit a range of typical apartment sizes
  • Suitable for Radiator and Underfloor Heating systems
  • Compact and wall mounted to fit perfectly in a utility room or kitchen cupboard
  • Independently Tested to the UK Standard for HIUs from BESA
  • Fast and Responsive DHW Performance
  • Designed for Modern Low Temperature Heat Networks
  • Low DHW Return Temperatures

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Independently Tested to the UK Standard for HIUs from BESA

Evinox’s ModuSat® XR has been independently tested against the latest BESA (British Engineering Services Association) UK Standard for Heat Interface Units.

Aimed at providing system designers with a robust, reliable and comparable set of HIU performance figures under typical UK operation conditions. This new test regime from BESA means that for the first time, designers and specifiers have the opportunity to see the impact of a particular HIU on their network.

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Fast & Responsive DHW Performance

Delivering a fast and responsive domestic hot water response as standard, ModuSat® XR provides hot water to the tap within seconds, ensuring high levels of user comfort and convenience, and in addition –

  • Reduced energy waste;
  • Minimised network return temperature;
  • Reduced heat loss and;
  • Reduced water consumption.

This is achieved through the combination of electronically controlled, pressure independent control valves (PICV) with fast acting actuators; and a self-learning control algorithm, which enables demanded output volume and temperature of water to be quickly and accurately matched.

Designed for Modern Low Temperature Heat Networks

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ModuSat® XR-ECO units provide excellent heating and hot water performance at heat network primary flow temperatures as low as 60ºC or even 55ºC.

It’s clear that lowering system temperatures is a critical factor in the efficient operation of UK heat networks. Reducing primary network temperatures enables heat generation plant to operate more efficiently; lower grade, low carbon heat sources to play a more prominent role in the energy mix; and heat losses to be dramatically reduced.

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Low Domestic Hot Water Return Temperatures

Evinox ModuSat® XR models significantly exceed industry best-practice minimum requirements to provide DHW return temperatures below 25ºC to the primary network.

This contributes to excellent annual Volume Weighted Return Temperatures and system operating efficiency. These impressive return temperatures are achieved by incorporating ultra-high efficiency domestic hot water plate heat exchangers with improved volumetrics that encourage turbulent flow.

Smart Energy Regulation and Control

Our Smart Energy Regulation and Control provides a myriad of benefits in terms of HIU performance and optimisation of heat network efficiency. So how does it work?

  • Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV’s) provide integrated differential pressure control, providing balanced, self-configuring flow through the HIU
  • Fast acting, electronically regulated actuators provide immediate response to changes in energy demand
  • Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control logic provides accurate actuator/valve control and fast response to hot water demand, without “overshoot” (Reduces energy wastage)
  • Electronically actuated PICV’s also function as a shut off valve, so ModuSat® Smart HIU’s can easily be configured for either credit or PAYG billing systems
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Metering and Billing Ready

The Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations (2014) require each resident to be billed individually for the proportion of the total heat they consume from the heat network.

Our ModuSat® units make this easy, featuring an integrated ultrasonic heat meter, which is MID approved with class 2 accuracy (BS EN 1434), ready to connect to a communication network for metering and billing purposes.

In addition, our PaySmart® pre-payment technology is also integrated into each ModuSat® heat interface unit as standard, and – unlike many other pre-payment billing solutions – can easily be activated remotely at any time and requires no additional hardware or infrastructure to set up.

SmartTalk® Communications Network

Electronically controlled units provide many additional benefits, including the ability to facilitate a 2‐way communication network, which when connected over the internet to remote servers allows our ModuSat® XR Heat Interface Unit (HIU) to become an IoT device, offering a wide range of benefits to both consumers, facilities managers and heat network operators alike.

  • System can be monitored, adjusted or regulated remotely over the internet using SmartTalk®
  • Full comfort for the end user, whilst also delivering important information regarding the operation of the system
  • Supplied ready to connect to HIVE & NEST controllers
  • Access to granular operational and performance data
  • Open protocol access to meter reading data and alarms
Evinox smart talk communication for heat interface units

Technical details

ModuSat® XR & XR-ECO

Twin Plate Heat Interface Units for Communal Heating Systems

Heat interface units for indirect heating and instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) with electronic PID control using Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) with modulating actuators achieving a low primary return temperature as well as providing differential pressure control and flow rate regulation.


The heating circuit consists of a plate heat exchanger (PHE), safety relief valve, pressure gauge, flow and return temperature sensors, Wilo PWM circulation pump and expansion vessel. The heating circuit flow temperature is controlled by the modulation of the primary flow rate with the integrated PICV actuator. Weather compensation is applied to the set heating temperature using SmartTalk® 2-way communication. Suitable for radiators, underfloor heating or fan coil units.

Domestic Hot Water

Domestic hot water is heated via a separate plate heat exchanger and the temperature is regulated by the modulation of primary flow rate with the integrated PICV actuator. When fitted, the lime scale reducer minimises lime scale formation.

ModuSat XR-ECO

Designed for modern low temperature heat networks, ModuSat® XR-ECO units provide excellent heating and hot water performance at heat network primary flow temperatures as low as 60ºC or even 55ºC.ModuSat XR-ECO Logo

Features & Benefits

Which ModuSat® XR Model is Most Suited to your Project?

ModuSat® XRModuSat®
Ideal Primary Flow Temperature
Fast & Responsive DHW
DHW Return TemperaturesLow < 20ºCUltra-Low < 20ºC
(As low as 16.4ºC)

Download the Data Sheet

ModuSat XR Twin Plate Data Sheet

ModuSat XR Twin Plate Data Sheet

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Energy Metering & Billing

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